Govt. of India created the post of Industrial Security Advisor in the year 1961 as a need was felt to review the existing security arrangements in the various Public Sector Undertakings in the Country. Shri S.N. Dutta was appointed as Security Advisor in the Department of Industries and he recommended raising of a uniformed force to look after the security of the Public Sector Undertakings. The need for a specialized security force came into sharp focus after the disastrous fire in HEN Ranchi, in Jan, 1964 and the Justice B. Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry, which looked into the incident recommended creation of a Central Security Force for providing protection and security to the Public Sector Undertakings. A Bill was brought before the Parliament for setting up the Industrial Security Force (CISF) in August, 1966 and after scrutiny and certain amendments by a Joint Selection Committee, it was finally passed by both Houses of Parliament and received Presidential assent on 2nd Dec, 1969. Thus, CISF came into existence in 1969 with a sanctioned strength of only three Battalions. In the beginning, CISF was inducted in only two undertakings (RCFL, Mumbai on 01.11.1969 and BSL Bokaro on 02.11.1969).

In a span of four decades, the Force has grown several folds to reach one lakh twenty three thousand and one hundred fifty five personnel. With the globalization and liberalization of the economy, CISF is no longer a PSU-centric organization. Instead, it has become a premier multi skilled security agency of the country, mandated to provide security to major critical infrastructure installations of the county in diverse areas. CISF is currency providing security cover to nuclear installations, space establishments, airports, seaports, power plants, sensitive Government Building and ever heritage monuments. Among the important responsibilities recently entrusted to the CISF are the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, VIP Security, Disaster Management and establishment of a Formed Police Unit (FPU) of the UN at Haiti.

CISF is the only Para Military Force to have a Fire Fighting Wing.

CISF Act, 1968 (50 of 1968) was amended in 1983 and the Force was declared an Armed Force of the Union in June, 1983. It was amended in 1989 by Act No. 20 of 1989 which entrusted the responsibility for providing protection to the employees of Public Sector within their premises to CISF. The CISF Act was further amended by Act No. 40/1999 which enlarged the charter to include (a) to provide consultancy service to the industrial establishments in Private Sector (b) to perform Internal Security/Election duties (c) to perform any other duties that may be entrusted by Central Government from time to time. CISF Act was further amended by Act No. 22/2009 empowering Central Industrial Security Force to provide security coverage to private/joint venture industrial undertakings which are vital for economy of the Country.

Preamble of CISF ACT

An Act to provide for the constitution and regulation of an armed force of the Union for the better protection and security of industrial undertakings owned by the Central Government, certain other industrial undertakings, employees of all such undertakings and to provide technical consultancy services to industrial establishments in the private sector and for matters connected therewith.

What's unique about CISF

1. Deployed for the security of Critical Infrastructure of the country ranging from economic giants to the strategic, covering a wide variety of installations including Thermal Power, Hydel Power, Oil, Steel, Coal, Ports, Mines, Petrochemical, Space, Atomic Energy, Airports, Delhi Metro, Government buildings, Iconic buildings like Taj Mahal and more recently in the private sector, to name a few.

2. Zero budget force for the Government of India: The entire cost of the CISF is borne by the undertaking where CISF is deployed.

3. CISF is a "need based force". We are a customized force with a size tailored for the local requirement. Hence, we promise optimal utilization of manpower.

4. We are the only Central Armed Police Force providing security and fire protection consultancy services. We can share our expertise with clients across the world.

5. Only force that has a Fire-fighting Wing and providing fire protection services to 90 installations across the country. We have our own national level Fire Service Training Institute at Hyderabad. The Institute doubles up as a Disaster Management Training Center.

6. Realizing the growing importance of the private sector and their contribution to the national economy and security, CISF has been given the mandate for deployment in private sector as well.

CISF Consultancy CISF Fire Wing Deployment in Private Sector