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About Airport Sector..

After the hijacking of IC 814 to Kandhar in 1999, the security of Indian Airports was augmented and the CISF was asked to replace the state police forces to professionalize aviation security functions to bring synergy and uniform standards of systemic and human performance across this complex security matrix.    On 3rd February, 2000 CISF took over the security at Jaipur Airport.  Since then, CISF has taken over the responsibility at 59 airports.

Till 2004, all the Aviation Security Groups (ASGs) were placed under the respective Sector IsG based on their geographical location, but keeping in view vulnerability and sensitivity of the tasks,  Airport Sector was created which came into existence on 11.04.2005.  Earlier the Airport Sector was headed by an Inspector General  and subsequently in the year 2009,  the post  was upgraded to the rank of Additional Director General.  Four exclusive Zonal HQrs for Airports, each headed by a DIG have been established at  Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The Airport Sector is also assigned with the responsibility of Government Building Security and Special Security Group.