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Delhi Metro Rail is one of the most prestigious and busiest mass rapid transit systems and over the year, it has been become the most viable and convenient means of travel for commuters in Delhi. A safe and secure environment of operations of metro to commute 20 lakhs Pas/day is provided by CISF and other Govt. stakeholders. The responsibility to provide protection and security to the DMRC was given to the CISF from 15th April 2007. Presently CISF is providing security and protection to all DMRC station, Depots and RSS. Security of CISF at DMRC is headed by Dy. Inspector General/CISF, DMRC, New Delhi
Banned Items:
With reference to the Delhi Metro Railway (Prohibition of carriage of offensive and dangerous goods in the Metro Railway, traveling of persons suffering from infectious and contagious diseases in the Metro Railway and value, period of validity and such other particulars indicated in the ticket issued by Metro Railway) Rule-2002 Dangerous material: No person shall take or cause to be taken on the Metro Railway the following dangerous materials, namely: Explosive substances which posses risk of explosion or fire or both; Gasses-compressed/liquefied or dissolved under pressure; Petroleum and other inflammable liquids;
Petroleum and other inflammable solids; Oxidizing substances; Poisonous (Toxic) substances; Acid and other corrosives; Radio active substances; and any other article declared as dangerous material by the Metro Railway administration from time to time.
Offensive material: No person shall take or cause to be taken on the Metro Railway the following offensive materials, namely; Blood, dried; Corpses; Carcasses of dead animals; Bones excluding bleached and cleaned bones; Manure of any kind; Rags, including oily rags; Ary decayed animal or vegetable matter; Human ashes; Human skeleton; Parts of human body; and any other article declared offensive material by the metro railway administration from time to time.