सीआईएसएफ कर्मियों द्वारा किए गए अच्छे कार्य

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Lal Singh Rawat 28.04.2022 Bhopal Airport

He is thankful to CISF personnel at Bhopal airport, for extending help to his 86 years old father-in-law in baggage check-in, security check-in and facilitating boarding on 28.04.2022, during their visit Dehradun by flight 6E 2332.

Vishal Gupta 27.04.2022

He was travelling to Dubai with his family on 20.04.2022. During the security check in, he forgot to collect his laptop from the security belt. When he was about to board the flight, CISF personnel came to him in the waiting area and told him that he had forgotten his laptop. He was thankful for their honesty and helping nature.

Anshu Khandelwal 27.04.2022 Mumbai Airport

He was travelling from Mumbai to Jaipur by flight on 27.04.2022. He realized that he had left his purse in the flight when he came out of the flight. CISF personnel helped him right away and got the purse back. He thanked CISF.

Pritha Sen 22.04.2022 Hyderabad Airport

CISF personnel at Hyderabad airport helped him to locate his bag which he had misplaced. Due to the help of CISF, he could board his flight on time.

Pallav 22.04.2022 Kolkata Airport

I wanted to highlight the exceptional Professionalism demonstrated by your team at Kolkata Airport

I was travelling from Kolkata airport on an early morning flight on 14th April when my mobile was picked up someone from the bathroom.

I had approached the CISF desk and they did exceptional investigation to pin point the person who had picked the phone and got the cellphone back. It had very critical data for me and saved me from the hassle

Would like to highlight Mr.Sonjib Biswas and the person who was handling the CCTV operation were on the job and could trace it in no time.

It gives me immense pleasure that I have such professional institutions in my country and makes me proud to be a tax payer.

I hope you will pass this message among the team and they be given the recognition. I have immense respect for the work you and your team have done.

Sandip Chandok 21.04.2022 Kolkata Airport

This note is to show appreciation for Mr.Munda of CISF and his team at Kolkata Airport in the help and support they extended to us in a very difficult situation

My Aunty, who is now a US citizen, was travelling from Kolkata to Bangalore on 20April22 and happened to forget and leave her hand baggage at security check point as she was wheel chair bound. She realised that her hand bag was left behind only after she landed in Bangalore. We reached out to Mr.Munda in Airport Security and with his prompt action, the bag was traced and retrieved within hours. This is a reflection of the commitment of CISF staff to us citizens and is ve much appreciated

I would request you to pass on our gratitude to Mr.Munda and his team for their excellent effort.

Rahul Maitra 18.04.2022 Cochin Airport

I was travelling with my family from Kochi to Mumbai yesterday vide 6E 5394. At the security check the crowd was swelling between 1130-1230PM. As 2 x-ray machines were open, I saw Capt. Nagarajan walking across all the checkpoints, summoning the inspection officers to start the 3rd line. I saw the following during the 15 mins wait

  • He allocated the officers to more value aided duty to speed up the process
  • Allowed queuing passengers to go to the new queue first
  • Carried left over trays himself before the 3rd x-ray machine
  • Had a polite demeanour and guided the passengers based on a process.
  • I frequent multiple airports and see this as a rare trait when an officer prevents a crisis to happen. My heartfelt kudos and respect to Capt. Nagarajan and the offficers on duty at Cochin airport.

    He will not know my name or face as I had no interactions with the officers at the airport but a noble deed is one which is observed by all.

    Rajneesh Khulbe 18.04.2022 Bhopal Airport

    I am Rajneesh Khulbe. I live and work in the Unites States of America. Yesterday I boarded an Indigo flight from Bhopal to Bangalore in the morning. After the security check I forgot to collect my apple mac book laptop. I didn’t realize this and went straight to the gate no.2 at Bhopal airport.

    While I was waiting for my flight the Bhopal airport’s CISF staff approached me and checked if I forgot to collect my laptop after the security check. I realized my mistake and panicked as the flight had started boarding. The laptop was not only expensive but it also had lot of other confidential information.

    Mr PL Kurmi assured me that there was nothing to worry about and that I will get my laptop immediately and will not miss my flight.

    He then took me to the security check point and handed over my laptop immediately after I was able to unlock it. He then escorted me to the boarding gate.

    I really want to thank all the Raja Bhoj Bhopal Airport CISF staff who helped me get my laptop back in such a short time.I am really grateful and appreciate the quick response from the CISF team. Without their help would have been in big trouble as I have an international flight to catch today.

    Please keep up the good work.I would share this story with others when reach USA

    Kunal Panchamia 16.04.2022 Coimbatore Airport

    This is an email from the bottom of my heart as an appreciation for Naresh Kumar’s dedication and attitude to help everyone. He demonstrated how much CISF officers care about passengers. I was travelling from coimbatore to mumbai on a 7th April night.

    Post security check, my bag was picked up by an elderly uncle by mistake since the color of our suitcases were same. Naresh kumar made a tremendous effort to help find my missing luggage. We searched the full coimbatore airport lobby to see if we could locate the uncle

    I had almost given up. But Naresh Kumar did not.

    After a search of 30 minutes in the lobby and checking with already boarded passengers in other flight, Naresh was quick to think that the uncle may be in the lounge which was on a different floor and hard to locate.

    And he found it for me! Just in time

    I was overwhelmied and tried to offer him a box of sweets as a token of appreciation which he politely declined

    We need selfless heroes like him to keep the spirit of humanity and kindness alive. Hats off to CISF for recruiting such officers

    Rajesh Kewalramani 16.04.2022 Bhopal Airport I had send my hand bag for security and forgot to pick it up after my security check. 30 mins later one of security check team member came over to me asking if I had forgotten any bag and I was shocked yes I had missed my bag. He took me over downstairs to verify my identity and returned my bag. They asked me to check if everthing is fine. I had a lot of Indian rupees and overseas currency, an iphone, bank documents, most importantly my wife Thai residence card and my OCI. Everything was intact and in place.
    Samta Chaudhry 16.04.2022 Bhopal Airport I wanted to share this mail to appreciate superb hospitality at Bhopal Airport. Staff is world class with a motto of service with smile. Being from Bhopal and travelling world over, I feel proud to see such a friendly staff taking care of passengers so well.
    Prachi Sakhlecha 14.04.2022 Jaipur Airport I would like to share an incident where I really felt grateful to the staff at Jaipur airport. I had forgotten my iPad at security check and had not even realised. After some time, Sh. S. K. Pachar came and asked me if I had misplaced my iPad then suddenly it struck me that I never put it back in my bag. So he told me they tracked me through Cctv cameras and got to me. I was so impressed with the whole team who was involved in this and they took the action immediately!

    It was only a Matter of 15 mins that I got my iPad back.
    I would like to thank Sh. S. K. Pachar and the Cctv team for all their efforts and support. It was an incredible experience!
    Ravindra Bhatia 14.04.2022 Coimbatore Airport I was traveling from Jaipur to dharamshala on 14 April by flight number SG 3441 alongwith my wife. While boarding on escalator, my wife got disbalanced on escalator. The staff of CISF, especially Sh.S.K. Pachar swiftly came in action and saved us from mis happening/injury. We are very thankful to him for immediate help. I would like to appreciate despite of his 50+ age. He came running to save us. Thank you to CISF to have such officials who take care of passengers.
    Vaidehi Kalzunkar 14.04.2022 Bhopal Airport I was travelling from Bhopal to Mumbai today morning and while security checking I forgot my laptop, charger and power bank in the checking area and proceeded towards the gate. The CISF team comprising of the Inspector Mr. P.L.Kurmi and Head Constable Mr. B.S.Sisodiya found me on the CCTV camera and approached me and asked whether I had forgotten my laptop and powerbank. I checked my baf and found it missing. Then they took me to the security checking area and gave me my belongings. I am really thankful to the CISF team to have proactively searched for me and gave me my belongings as the laptop was having all my official data which was very crucial. I thank the CISF team once again and really appreciate them for their support and help.
    Antara 13.04.2022 Hyderabad Airport I had raised a complaint after loosing my kada bangle to the CISF, HYD AIRPORT CRIME. They have helped me find it and I am so grateful to the team. I am amazed how they worked towards it and really appreciate the team effort! Kranti had personally helped me and he handled it very well.