सीआईएसएफ कर्मियों द्वारा किए गए अच्छे कार्य

Appreciated by Appreciation date Location Appreciation
Dr. Abhik Banerjee 14.10.2022 Delhi Airport

He was travelling from Delhi to Kolkatta on 12.10.2022. During security check in process, he kept Bluetooth/microphoneon the tray along with his handbag. He was surprised that microphone was missing from the tray once the check in process was over. He went to In-charge, CISF Inspector who was very prompt to help him. The Inspector immediately called CCTV monitoring room and promised to help him. He was getting late for the flight. During boarding, he got a call from CISF who also came to the boarding gate and informed him that they traced his missing microphone which was probably picked up by a fellow passenger by mistake, travelling to Raipur. CISF personnel promised him that the item will be returned once he returns from Delhi next day morning. The next day, when he reached Kolkatta, CISF personnel came to him at the conveyor belt and handed over his microphone to him. He appreciated behaviour and cooperative attitude of CISF personnel having fantastic work culture, dedication and passion towards job.

Sarah Deepika Robinson 14.10.2022 Bangalore Airport

She was travelling through Bangalore airport on 09.10.2022. While going through security checking, her jacket went missing. CISF was kind enough to check for it around the security check area and looked through CCTV footage. They traced the person who took it and informed her details of that passenger, which enabled her to get her jacket back before the take-off of her flight.

Sai Kadimisetty 14.10.2022 Chennai Airport

He was travelling from Chennai to Singapore on 13.10.2022. He lost his smart watch and immediately informed the duty officer. CISF staff checked the CCTV camera and the surrounding area physically. They confirmed that one lady picked up from his tray and travelled in Muscat flight. He appreciated the efforts of all CISF team of Chennai with coordination of Air India airlines who supported him in finding his smart watch.

Sunil Chandra Das 11.10.2022 Guwahati Airport

He had flight from Guwahati to Aizwal by Indigo on 08.10.2022. After security checking, he left his HP laptop and a pen brand of Paperkraft at the security gate. After half an hour, when boarding pass was being checked and flight was about to take off, he remembered his laptop. He thought he would he would never get back the laptop. CISF helped him a lot. The personnel consoled him and immediately after searching the ground floor security gate, they returned him the same.

Bharat Bhusan Deep 11.10.2022 Bangalore Airport

He had a flight from Bangalore to Trivandrum on 11.10.2022 by Indigo airlines. He took a taxi from Yalahanka to Bangalore airport. When he reached the airport and taxi went away, he realized that he has left his mobile in the taxi itself. He went to the taxi stand 2km away from the airport but did not find the taxi there. He returned to the airport and told his problem to CISF at the airport entry gate. He did not have any details of taxi. CISF personnel saw the CCTV footage and got the taxi number. Then CISF got the driver’s mobile number and talked with him. The taxi came back. He thanked CISF.

Anup 10.10.2022 Bangalore Airport

He visited Bangalore airport to find a wedding ring that was misplaced by his brother at the airport during his travel. Lost and found department had not found the ring and he was suggested to contact CISF to view the footage. CISF personnel asked the details of the flight. The personnel were ao prompt that they were able to pinpont the place where his brother had left the ring and it was picked up by another passenger. CISF personnel went to the airlines and told to contact the passenger to return the ring. He received the ring after 10 days. He appreciated and thanked CISF.

J.N.Rathi & Dinesh Rathi 09.10.2022 Guwahati Airport

He along with his father was to Chandigarh from Guwahati by Indigo flight on 09.10.2022. His father forgot to pick his handbag which had cash and important documents and did not remember about the same. When they were seated near the boarding gate, CISF personnel came and informed them about their bag. On checking, they found all belongings and case were intact. They have requested to put on record the act of agility, vigilance and honesty displayed by CISF personnel so that other members of CISF also take inspiration from them.

Navin Ilavarasan 08.10.2022 Chennai Airport

He was travelling from Chennai to Bangalore on 06.01.2022. He missed his laptop in the security checking. CCTV and CIW of CISF helped in finding and returning the same to him after the required enquiries. He appreciated the CISF team doing the right thing the right way.

Piyush Agarwar 07.10.2022 Ranchi Airport

On 04.10.2022, he boarded a flight from Ranchi to Mumbai at 1100 hrs and during security check, his father mistakenly left a pouch with cash and left for boarding the flight. There were multiple announcements made by CISF but they were totally unaware of it. As they were about to board the flight, CISF personnel stopped them and informed them that they had left the pouch at the security check point. CISF gave the pouch back after due verification. He thanked each and every personnel for carrying out duty sincerely all through the day and night.

Vaishnawi Sinha 01.10.2022 Kochi Airport

She was travelling from Coimbatore airport where she left her laptop at the security check point and totally forgot about it. CISF personnel came looking for her and informed her that she had forgotten her laptop at the security point. It was only because of CISF she got back her laptop without any problem. She appreciated the entire CISF force for quick and relentless service.