सीआईएसएफ कर्मियों द्वारा किए गए अच्छे कार्य

S.No Name of Passenger Flight Details/Airport Remarks
1 A. R. Bhattacharya Jaipur to Lucknow At Jaipur airport, he forgot to collect his laptop at screening desk. While sitting in lounge, CISF staff came to him and asked whether he had forgotten to collect his laptop. The staff took him back to screening desk from where he collected the laptop. CISF staff told him that he was tracked from CCTV footage. He praised CISF for sincerity and devotion to work
2 D.D.Padsalgikar CISF has contributed immensely in successful completion of India’s chairmanship of Council of RATS SCO. During the chairmanship, delegations from SCO member countries visited India for attending meetings. CISF facilitated both arrival and departure of all these delegates including the 38th meeting of Council of RATS SCO.
3 Sanjay Jha Delhi Airport While flying back from Dharamshala to Delhi, he was carrying a small case on the baggage trolley while exiting airport. He forgot that small bag near exit gate at arrival and only realized his mistake after reaching home. He got in touch with SHO/IGI of Delhi Police. When he arrived at terminal building, Delhi Police personnel coordinated with CISF staff and eventually one CISF personnel from vigilance brought his bag and he found the bag within few minutes. He appreciated the help extended bv CISF.
4 S.K.Mehta Indigo flight from Delhi to Dehradun He was travelling from Delhi to Dehradun by Indigo flight. He was carrying a Diwali gift of candles which were disallowed. However, CISF personnel went out of the way and in most courteous and helpful manner, removed the wor and allowed the containers. He appreciated the great work CISF is doing in providing great service to the senior citizens and making their journey comfortable.
5 Dr Anjana Mangalagiri Kolkata to Mumbai She had lost laptop bag when arriving from Kolkata and reported to Sahar PS with request to examine CCTV footage. CISF helped her with the scanning of the footage. She was impressed with the professional skills of CISF personnel. The other staff also was helpful in tracing her bag
6 Dr Anna B Pulimood Patna to Chennai via Kolkata He was travelling from Patna to Chennai via Kolkata after a meeting in Patna. He was unable to get his original connecting flight and had to wait for 5 hours in Kolkata airport to catch the next flight. He was carrying hand luggage including a laptop while he visited few shops and had dinner. He realized that he had misplaced his laptop, but couldn’t remember where. He went back to all the places but was not successful. He was directed to main CISF desk. CISF personnel, right from the beginning, was extremely professional, courteous, sympathetic and wasted no time in starting the search. CISF personnel called the manager of the shops and asked for CCTV footage of that floor. Despite all efforts, laptop was not found. When he was getting ready to board the flight, CISF personnel appeared with the laptop. They had found it on one of the seats where another passenger had placed a bag on top of the laptop hiding it from view. He was grateful to CISF personnel for extremely efficient and professional work and for sympathetic attitude.
7 Rishab Srivastava New Delhi to Indore While loarding was started for his Vistara flight to Indore, in hurry to board his flight and when he was about to check-in his baggage, he found that one of his luggage was left in cab. He went to the gate to find the cab driver but he had already left to pick up another passenger. The cab driver was refusing to bring his luggage to the gate. CISF team saw him worried and asked if he needed help. He told them the whole story. CISF personnel requested cab driver to hand over the bag till gate. He is overwhelmed with efforts the whole CISF team made in making a passenger comfortable.
8 Vijay Lakshmi Coimbatore to Delhi She was waiting for flight to Delhi. Her son was feeling unwell and she could not find any pharrnacy in the security hold area. She approached CISF staff on duty to enquire if any medical store or doctor was available. The officer very politely asked her to be seated and promptly aranged for a medical staff to come and attend to her son. CISF officer also ensured that everything was under control. She is grateful for the assistance given bv CISF personnel.
9 Thomas Boettcher Surat Airport He lost his mobile phone (iphone 13 from the campany) in the cab/ taxi that left him and his colleague at the airport. The driver contacted CISF personnel and the mobile phone was given back to him. He was very happy that phone did not get lost.
10 Shipra Baheti Goa to Kolkata She was travelling from Goa to Kolkata via Bengaluru. She lost her diamond bracelet while waiting in the airport lounge. She completed her boarding when she realized that bracelet was missing from her hand. Airport security did a wonderful job and found out her bracelet made of gold and diamonds. She was thanldul to CISF personnel at Bangalore airport.
11 Sudip Banerjee Guwahati Airport He missed his expensive i-pad and was about to board the flight. But CISF team identified him through CCTV and told him that he had missed the i-pad and returned the same to him. He thanked CISF personnel for the help.
12 Ashish Newark to New Delhi He landed from very tiring trip from Newark to Delhi and was scrambling to fix issues for his final travel leg from Delhi to Ahmedabad. As soon as he reached the check-in counter, he realized that his phone was missing. Immediately, he went to the last spot and there was no sign. His family tried to track the location and he completely lost hope when airlines staff told him to talk to CISF personnel. CISF personnel spent 2-3 hours reviewing the CCTV footage and assured him that his phone will be found. The team was amazing and traced the phone back at Hyderabad and found phone in 4 hours at Hyderabad airport where a passenger had taken it. He got his phone back. He appreciated the persistence, patience and dedication of CISF vigilance team at Delhi airport.
13 S Sabanayakan Chennai to Kolkata His wife was returning from Chennai to Kolkata by Indigo flight. She took out the jewellery box at the entry gate while looking for Govt ID to show at the gate. In a hurry,she failed to place the jewellery box in her handbag. Only after completing her security check, she realized that her handbag weighed light. A look inside the bag revealed that the box was missing. She immediately contacted nearby CISF personnel who assured her all possible help. In less than half an hour, the jewellery box was returned to her with everything intact. After she was airborne, her husband got a call at Chennai from CISF officer who took certain details. On landing in Kolkata, she called her husband and narrated whole incident and recovery process. He has thanked CISF and its officers posted at Chennai airport.
14 Subrata Khastagir Delhi Airport He has acknowledged the swift action of CISF personnel in retrieving his money pouch and passport left over during the security check at Delhi airport while boarding the flight. He was extremely grateful for the help extended by the team for necessary coordination in sending the above document promptly from Delhi to Kolkata airport the same day.
15 Jesse P Valdez Jaipur Airport He has expressed sincere gratitude for appropriate arrangements implemented for Ms. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Former First Lady of the United States of America for her visit to Jaipur at Jaipur International airport.
16 Sunil Vakil Vadodara Airport He has acknowledged the fine quality of CISF personnel entmsted with the responsibility of security checking/frisking of passengers at Vadodara airport. A11 of CISF personnel are courteous, helpful and doing their work diligently.
17 Dr Navneet Wadhwa Mangalore Airport He is an electric wheelchair user and travels in the chair. He had placed on record special thanks to CISF team at Mangalore airport for their wonderful proactive help consistently.
18 Sri Varsha P Ahmedabad Airport Her parents were supposed to board a morning flight from Ahmedabad to visit her. They unfortunately missed the flight and rescheduled to evening flight. Meanwhile they realized that one of their hand luggage was missing and they were not sure where they misplaced it. They approached CISF team for the help. The team was prompt and ran through CCTV footage and found it. The same was handed over to her parents in very less time. She has expressed gratitude to CISF personnel who helped them finding their bag.
19 Dr Kishor Bhandari Surat to Chennai He was travelling from Surat to Chennai. During the security check, he left his laptop in one of the trays. It was so smart of the security team of CISF who lobated him through CCTV cameras and then personally came looking for him to hand over his laptop. He was impressed with the level of professionalism and interiority of the CISF personnel operated.
20 Suraj Kochi Airport His partner misplaced her passport at Kochi airport during the morning rush hour. They got stuck at the airport. They immediately informed the CISF officer in-charge, who readily called the CCTV control room to investigate. However, CCTV could not find anything. They missed the flight. CISF team conducted sweeping of airport to find the Passport. But could not find the same. They departed without Passport after completing the formalities. Later in the night, he received a call from Commandant that they had found the Passport. It was discovered that the Passport was misplaced a few minutes away from the security check. He has wished his best to the team.
21 Osho Choudhary Abu Dhabi to India He flew to India from UAE Abu Dhabi. After checking out from the airport, he lost his bag as someone took away the same thinking it was his bag. CISF personnel took responsibility for finding his bag. After all the verification and lot of exercise, his bag was returned to him. He thanked CISF for the help.
22 Rajesh Kalra Kochi to Delhi At the security area, while taking out electronic items and putting in the tray, he realized that his Apple watch was missing from his wrist. He checked his bag properly and even called the cab that dropped him at airport, but the watch was not there. He reached out to CISF officer for help. CISF personnel talked on his walkie-talkie and then told him that a person has picked up his watch. CISF personnel asked him to clear security and wait till his boarding. As he cleared his security, CISF personnel came to him with another passenger holding his watch. The passenger claimed that he picked it up by mistake. He was relieved to get his expensive watch back. He appreciated the professionalism and calm manner in which CISF acted upon his comlaint.
23 Anju Krishna New Delhi to Kochi While travelling from New Delhi to Kochi she lost her bracelet at the airport. She informed CISF authorities. They helped her in searching the same but unfortunately could not find it. She went for the boarding” At the last minute of boarding she got a call from CISF that they had found her bracelet. She is extremely grateful and thankful for the action of CISF
24 Sunil Vaddepalli Hyderabad to Mumbai After his security check at Hyderabad, he misplaced his wallet but only realized when he had left to board the flight. He returned to the same counter where he had missed his wallet. He was informed by a woman that his wallet had been taken by some other passenger. Soon he approached CISF team and complaint about his missing wallet. CISF personnel took spontaneous action by checking CCTV and within a span of 15 minutes, they caught the passenger and handed over his wallet back. He was able to board his flight on time. He has thanked CISF for helping him in finding his wallet.
25 Amit Sharma Delhi Airport At the time of clearing security at Delhi airport, his Apple Airpods were left in a tray. He went back to the security point 10 minutes later and asked for help. CISF personnel took initiative and checked the CCTV footage. Within a short span of 20 minutes, the passenger who had picked up his Airpods was identified and the same was returned to him. He expressed gratitude towards the officers who helped him.