सीआईएसएफ कर्मियों द्वारा किए गए अच्छे कार्य

Appreciated by Appreciation date Location Appreciation
Appreciated by Appreciation date Location Appreciation
Sonam Lama 25.08.2022 Jaipur Airport

She landed at Delhi on 28th June, 2022 at 4 AM from Dubai. She was carrying 2 litres liquor and 1 bundle of cigarettes in a handbag which she had bought at Dubai duty free. The cost of the articles was around ten thousand rupees. She misplaced the handbag somewhere outside the gate. She reported the issue to CISF personnel, who spent hours in analyzing CCTV footage and finally located her missing handbag. She conveyed sincere gratitude to CISF personnel for their commendabe service.

Jayanta Biswas 23.08.2022 Jaipur Airport

He came to Delhi from Nairobi by Air Arabia his next flight was from Domestic terminal 3 by Vistara. While waiting at the airport, he was feeling sleepy. So went to drink water and took a quick walk. He left the mobile phone on the seat by mistake. He realized the same after 10 minutes and came back to his seat running but he could not find his phone. He contacted CISF help desk to check if anyone had deposited the phone. He was amazed to see the efficiency of entire CISF team working at that point of time. The vigilance team checked the CCTV footage and tracked the mobile phone handed over to him before his boarding time. He has travelled to many countries in the world, but has never came across such passionate, cooperating and polite people as in CISF.

Ketan Makhania 22.08.2022 Jaipur Airport

On 16.08.2022, his daughter travelled from Mumbai Delhi Air India flight. After de-boarding, his daughter forget her Apple laptop in mustard yellow leather sleeve inside the ladies washroom. When she realized, she immediately contacted CISF personnel. The vigilance team at T3 terminal got into action and started checking CCTV footage and systematically traced the entire route starting from restroom to find that a female passenger had carried the laptop in her right hand boarded Red WagonR from Lane-3 near pillar 11 of arrival terminal. The vehicle was further traced by CISF staff at terminal T2. The passenger realized her mistake and accepted having carried the laptop with her, apologized and handed the laptop back. He appreciated sincere efforts of CISF for continuous 9 hours for locating the laptop.

S P Bhardwaj 22.08.2022 Jaipur Airport

On 21.08.2022, his daughter Manisha Prasher landed at Varanasi Airport on an Indigo flight. She left her brown colour bag at tea stall just outside the airport. After 2 hours, she realized that she had left the bag on a chair. When he along with her daughter reached the airport, they enquired about the bag. The owner of tea stall told that the same may be collected from CISF authorities. They contacted CISF personnel, who after verifications, handed over the bag to her daughter with all items intact. He is thankful to CISF for cooperating in humble, polite and respectful manner.

Moti Alagh 10.08.2022 Jaipur Airport

He was travelling from Delhi to Jammu by Indigo flight along with his family, on 07.08.2022. His wife lost her Gold bracelet at arrival terminal of Jammu airport. CISF personnel located the gold bracelet at the Airport’s arrival terminal. He was searching for the bracelet when CISF personnel spotted him and informed that they had found the bracelet. CISF personnel handed over the same after verification of the details.