Control Room – 24307777, Fax -24361202 e-mail : fhqr-control[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in

Rank Name and Address Telephone and Email address
Chief Vigilance Officer Inspector General/Pers Block No.13, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 011-24367502 011-24307703 igpers[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
Dy.Chief Vigilance Officer Shri. Rahul Jain, IPS, Dy.Inspector General/Pers Block No.13, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 011-24362783 011-24307706 digpers[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
Chief Public Relations Officer Shri. Shrikant Kishore, Dy.Inspector General/Ops NM Block No.13, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 011-24362555 011-24307707 digopsnm[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
Consultancy Shri. Prabodh Chandra, Dy.Inspector General/Tech Block No.13, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 011-24361040, 011-24307726 digtech[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
Public Relations Officer Shri. Apoorv Pandey, Asstt.Inspector General/PRO Block No.13, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 011-24307733 dcpro[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in


Rank Name and Address Telephone and Email address
Web Information Manager Shri. Sachin Badshah, IPS, Inspector General/Tech Prov. Block No.13, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,New Delhi-110003 011-24362089 igtech-prov[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in


Central Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
CS HQRS BHILAI IG 0788-2970908 igcs[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
CENTRAL ZONE BHILAI DIG 0788-2970906 digcz[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DOS DAE Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
IG DAE AND DOS DELHI IG 011-24360169
DAE HQR HYDERABAD DIG 040-27136566 digdae[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DOS HQRS BANGLORE DIG 080-22172121 digdos[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DOS HQRS DELHI DIG 011-24360169 dig-dos2[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
East Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
ES HQRS RANCHI IG 0651-2601041 8709519416 iges[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
EZ-II HQRS PRAYAGRAJ DIG 0532-2972231 dig-nz2[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
NCR Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
IG NCR DELHI IG 011-24369479 9311541499 igncr[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
NCR HQ DELHI DIG 011-24369942 digncr[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
North East Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
IG NES GUWAHATI IG 0361-2436444 ignes[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
NEZ HQR GUWAHATI DIG 0361-2436444 dignez[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
North Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
NS HQRS NEW DELHI IG 011-29582136 011-29582288 igns[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
NORTH ZONE NEW DELHI DIG 011-29582136 011-29582288 dignz[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
South East Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
NES-II HQRS KOLKATA IG 033-24430685 033-24431241 igses[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
NEZ HQRS KOLKATA DIG 0671-2879539 dig-sez[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
South Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
SS HQRS CHENNAI IG 044-25395150 044-25395149 igss[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
SZ CHENNAI DIG 044-24917711 044-24469814 digsz[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
West Sector
Sector/Zone Name I/C Rank Control Room Email Id
WS HQRS MUMBAI IG 022-27762015 9869915708 igws[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
WZ HQRS-I MUMBAI DIG 022-27762015 digwz[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in


Unit Name Unit I/C Rank ControlRoomNo Email Id
ADG AIRPORT HQRS DELHI ADG 011-26782159 adgaps[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
APS-II HQRS BENGALURU IG 040-24007720 igaps2-sw[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
IG AIRPORT HQRS DELHI IG 011-26782159 igaps[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIG (NZ) AIRPORT DELHI DIG 011-29582109 dig[dot]apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIG AIRPORT SOUTH ZONE HQ CHENNAI DIG 044-24466266 digapsch[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIG AIRPORT EAST AND NORTH EAST KOLKATA DIG 033-29582109 digapskol[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIG AIRPORT HQRS DELHI DIG 011-26782159 dig[dot]apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BENGALURU AIRPORT DIG 080-22001514 bangalore-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
CHENNAI AIRPORT DIG 044-22563240 chennai-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIG WEST ZONE AIRPORTS HQRS BELAPUR, NAVI MUMBAI DIG 022-27562388 digapsmum[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
HYDERABAD AIRPORT DIG 040-66601400 hyderabad-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
IGI AIR PORT DIG 011-61239657 igi-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
MUMBAI AIRPORT DIG 022-66851290 mumbai-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AIG AIRPORT HQRS DELHI AIG 011-26782159 aigaps[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AIRPORT SECTOR AIG 011-29582109 aigaps[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AHMEDABAD AIRPORT COMDT 079-22868165 ahmedabad-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AMRITSAR AIRPORT COMDT 0183-2214021 amritsar-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
CHANDIGARH AIRPORT COMDT 0172-2242417 chandigarh-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
COCHIN AIRPORT COMDT 0484-2611422 cochin-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
GOA AIRPORT COMDT 0832-2542529 goa-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
GUWAHATI AIRPORT COMDT 0361-2840013 guwahati-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
JAIPUR AIRPORT COMDT 0141-2726178 jaipur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
JAMMU AIRPORT COMDT 0191-2457333 jammu-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
KOLKATA AIRPORT COMDT 033-39874573 kolkata-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
LUCKNOW AIRPORT COMDT 0522-2438861 lucknow-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
PATNA AIRPORT COMDT 0612-2228553 patna-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
SRINAGAR AIRPORT COMDT 0194-2303543 srinagar-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM AIRPORT COMDT 0471-2702512 trivandrum-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
VARANASI AIR PORT COMDT 0542-2622378 varanasi-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AGARTALA AIR PORT DY COMDT 0381-2341047 agartala-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AURANGABAD AIRPORT DY COMDT 0240-2476110 aurangabad-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BAGDOGRA AIRPORT DY COMDT 0353-2698434 bagdogra-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BHOPAL AIRPORT DY COMDT 0755-2685341 bhopal-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BHUBANESHWAR AIRPORT DY COMDT 0674-2596313 bhubanesh-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
CALICUT AIRPORT DY COMDT 0483-2719544 calicut-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
COIMBATORE AIRPORT DY COMDT 0422-2573981 coimbatore-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DEHRADUN AIRPORT DY COMDT 0135-2412908 dehradun-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIBRUGARH AIRPORT DY COMDT 0373-2382024 dibrugarh-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIMAPUR AIRPORT DY COMDT 03862-243085 dimapur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
GAYA AIRPORT DY COMDT 0631-2210585 gaya-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
HOTEL TERMINAL 1C CSIA MUMBAI DY COMDT 022-66852115 mumbaihotel1c-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
IMPHAL AIRPORT DY COMDT 0385-2455272 imphal-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
INDORE AIRPORT DY COMDT 0731-2626430 indore-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
JODHPUR AIRPORT DY COMDT 0291-2595221 jodhpur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
KANNUR AIRPORT DY COMDT 0490-2482300 kannur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
LEH AIRPORT DY COMDT 01982-259202 leh-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
MADURAI AIRPORT DY COMDT 0452-2690010 madurai-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
MANGALORE AIRPORT DY COMDT 0824-2220418 mangalore-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
NAGPUR AIRPORT DY COMDT 0712-2807524 nagpur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
PORBANDER AIRPORT DY COMDT 0286-2221169 asgporbandar[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
PORTBLAIR AIRPORT DY COMDT 03192-244153 portblair-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
PUNE AIRPORT DY COMDT 020-26611975 pune-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
RAIPUR AIRPORT DY COMDT 0771-2418555 raipur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
RAJKOT AIRPORT DY COMDT 0281-2456449 rajkot-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
RANCHI AIRPORT DY COMDT 0651-2253815 ranchi-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
SHIRDI AIRPORT DY COMDT 02423-246215 shirdi-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
TRICHY AIRPORT DY COMDT 0431-2340113 trichy-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
UDAIPUR AIRPORT DY COMDT 0294-2655930 udaipur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
VADODARA AIRPORT DY COMDT 0265-2475518 vadodara-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
AGRA AIRPORT AC 0562-2301014 agra-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BHAVNAGAR AIRPORT AC 0278-2210324 asgbhavnagar[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BHUJ AIRPORT AC 02832-244135 bhuj-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
BHUNTAR AIRPORT AC 01902-266330 bhuntar-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
DIU AIRPORT AC 02875-275315 diu-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
GWALIOR AIRPORT AC 0751-2470151 gwalior-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
JORHAT AIRPORT AC 0376-2333091 jorhat-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
KANPUR AIRPORT AC 0512-2150607 kanpur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
KHAJURAHO AIRPORT AC 07686-272013 khajuraho-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
LILABARI AIRPORT AC 03752-234806 lilabari-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
SHILLONG AIRPORT AC 0364-2911813 shillong-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
SHIMLA AIRPORT AC 0177-2736286 shimla-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
SILCHAR AIRPORT AC 03841-282314 silchar-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
TEJPUR AIRPORT AC 03712-258429 tezpur-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
TIRUPATI AIRPORT AC 0877-2285179 tirupati-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in
VISAKHAPATNAM AIRPORT AC 0891-2851170 visakha-apsu[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in


011-24307932/011-24307748/011-24307791 Kindly mail on cisfrectt[at]cisf[dot]gov[dot]in