Appreciation/Good Work Done by CISF Personnel

Appreciated by Appreciation date Location Appreciation
Mohsin Khan 26.07.2022 Bhopal Airport

He was travelling from Delhi to Srinagar. He had put his phone on charging. He got a call from his home but he did not unplug his charger from the charging point. Suddenly, other person stole his charger from the charging point. He contacted help desk team. They helped him to find his charger within 20 minutes and caught that person. He is thankful to CISF team.

Manish Ugreja 25.07.2022 Delhi Airport

On 25.07.2022, his elder brother was travelling from Terminal 2 of Delhi to Rajkot. He forgot to collect his side bag from security check point due less time left for departure. When Mr. Manish came to airport to collect the bag, CISF personnel at help desk was extremely attentive and listened all his concerns with great patience. Help desk team explained him the whole process to get the bag back. He has expressed his gratitude towards the help desk staff for speedy and efficient services.

Pratap Thampi 22.07.2022 Trivandrum Airport

He travelled from Trivandrum to Mumbai on 16.07.2022 by Indigo flight. His experience with security staff was most satisfying. The CISF personnel were extremely polite while dealing with passengers and addressed him and other passengers with respect. He has appreciated entire team of CISF at Trivandrum

Arpit Sangal,IPS 22.07.2022 Bhopal Airport

He somehow lost his wallet at Delhi airport. The CISF personnel found his wallet. CISF personnel made sure that the wallet reached him even though he had already boarded the plane. This all was done by CISF personnel while they had no idea that he was an IPS officer. He has appreciated high level of dedication to the service of common man by CISF team.

Abhijeet Desai 19.07.2022 Bhopal Airport

He was travelling from Bhopal to Pune via Hyderabad. During security check, he put all items in the tray. After checking, he put all items in the bag and went to the lounge to wait for the boarding. Suddenly, CISF personnel came calling his name. He could not understand the reason. When asked whether he forgot something, he opened his bag and then realized that his laptop was missing. He immediately rushed to the security counter, where he was handed over his laptop. He thanked for the service provided by CISF team.

Manesh George 17.07.2022 Kochi Airport

He was travelling with his family from Kochi to Perth on 13.07.2022 and had plenty of luggage. While getting down from vehicle at the airport departure, his daughter lost her gold chain from her neck which fell off accidently. When she realized, they went back to check the location where they had got down. While he was calling his brother to check the vehicle to find the chain, he was contacted by CISF team and asked if he had lost anything. Very soon, one of the CISF team members approached him for details of the lost chain. After giving all details of the chain, he got back the lost chain. He appreciated the valuable service of CISF and thanked the team.

Lt Col Nirupom 12.07.2022 Jaipur Airport

On 12.07.2022, his carrying luggage was misplaced at Jaipur airport, which someone else had taken unintentionally, as he had similar kind of bag. CISF efficiently scanned and alerted the team and recovered the same within 10 minutes. He gave his best compliments to CISF team.

Waseem Akram 11.07.2022 Delhi Airport

On 09.07.2022, he travelled from Delhi. It was connecting flight to Hyderabad. Upon arrival at Delhi airport, he accidently forgot his bag at baggage claim belt. It contained 4 lakh Indian rupees and other valuable items. CISF showed excellent communication skills with different people in different departments and tracked his luggage safely with all contents present in the bag. He thanked CISF personnel for their act and duty of care towards customer satisfaction.

K Nagaraja 11.07.2022 Chennai Airport

He has conveyed his gratitude to CISF personnel at Chennai airport, who promptly and swiftly acted on the complaint and traced his lost items, which were taken by another passenger to another city and recovered the same and handed over to in good condition. The CISF personnel also kept him updated over the phone on the issue.

C S Panchamakesan 11.07.2022 Delhi Airport

He travelled from Delhi to Bangalore by Indigo flight on 10.07.2022. His baggage did not come in Belt so he went to Baggage service room. Finally his baggage was traced and given to him. But when left airport, he left his hand baggage in Baggage service room. After reaching home, he realized his mistake and returned to airport and contacted CISF. The CISF personnel went to Baggage service room, located his bag and handed the same to him intact after entering details in the register. He showed gratitude and appreciation for CISF.

Mohit Vajawat 11.07.2022 Ahmedabad Airport

He was travelling Indigo flight from Ahmedabad Chennai. He forgot his watch during the security check and to claim it back. CISF took pain finding him while was casually walking around and handed him his watch after confirmation. He was too happy about the service he received without even asking for it.

Rohit Kumar 09.07.2022 Bangalore Airport

He is frequent flyer. He has worn a prosthetic all life. He was travelling by Vistara flight to Delhi from Kolkata on 09.07.2022. He was very happy to see the polite and thoughtful behaviour of CISF personnel, who requested to check his prosthetic in the most professional and polite manner. They requested him to go to an adjoining cabin check the prosthetic instead of making him take it off in front of hundreds of people. He has appreciated sensitive and considerate manners of CISF

Saroj Bala 07.07.2022 Bangalore Airport

On 06.07.2022, she was travelling from Bangalore to Male. She kept her passport along with her hand luggage during security check in. But other lady, who was also travelling to Male, took her passport along with the items. She was worried but CCTV team of CISF helped her a lot. CISF personnel also provided her mental stability at that particular time. After thorough search, she got the passport. She is thankful to entire CISF team of Bangalore airport.

Flt. Lt. Ajay Kumar Verma 03.07.2022 Bangalore Airport

He is a retired Indian Airforce officer and had forgotten his service release and other crucial documents at security check counter at Bangalore airport. CISF personnel tracked his contact number from those documents and reached out to him and handed over the same before his boarding. He is grateful for proactive help received from CISF.

Rakesh Sharma 02.07.2022 Leh Airport

On 10.03.2022, his colleague was travelling on Go First flight from Leh to Delhi. While security check was being done, his mobile kept in the side pocket slipped during scanning and went missing on the other side. Even after continuous efforts, he could not find, so proceeded for boarding gate. After some time. CISF personnel came to him and handed over the phone to him. Next day, Mr. Rakesh Sharma was travelling back to Delhi and after knowing the incident, he personally thanked CISF team and acknowledged the efforts of the team.