online interior design On 29th January 1964, there was a major fire at the Heavy Engineering Corporation plant at Ranchi which resulted in colossal loss. The commission headed by Justice B. Mukherjee reported sabotage as cause of fire. Justice B. Mukherjee recommended for a disciplined and uniformed force to be assigned the responsibility of providing fire & security coverage to Public Sector Undertakings.
online interior design The first fire wing unit with a strength of 53 personnel was Inducted in FACT Cochin on 16th April, 1970.. Eventually the Government of India approved Recruitment Rules for various posts for creation of separate fire service cadre in CISF in January 1991 and accordingly Fire Service Cadre started functioning in CISF on 12.01.1991. At present the induction tally stands at 104 Public Sector Undertakings/Govt. establishments.
The regular fire services in India had their origin from the major ports and cities like Bombay and Calcutta early in the 19th Century.


      Fire wing is an integral part of Central Industrial Security Force which is largest amongst all fire services in the country, managed by professionally trained personnel with science and engineering background. First fire wing unit was inducted at Fertilizer and Chemical Travancore (FACT), Cochin on 16.04.1970 with a sanctioned strength of 53 personnel.


      CISF is the only Central Armed Police Force having a full-fledged Fire Service Wing. CISF Fire Service Wing is the largest professional, well trained and equipped fire fighting Force in the country, which is providing fire prevention and fire protection to the highly sensitive, vulnerable and hazardous units like Petro-Chemical Complex, Oil Refinery, Steel Plants, Chemical & Fertilizer Plants, Port Trusts, Space organizations, Power Plants, Defence installations and establishments of the Finance Ministry. CISF Fire Wing is providing fire safety coverage to 104 different installations all over the country with a strength of 8482 fire professionals.


      CISF has a Fire Service Training Institute (FSTI) which was established in the year 1987 with a sanctioned strength of 84 personnel at Deoli, Rajasthan. Later on, FSTI was shifted to CISF NISA Campus Hakimpet in 1999. Where it was upgraded and at present having state of the art facilities such as physical exercise ground, black top for drill purposes, Industrial fire tower for simulation exercise, drill tower for rescue drill, BA Gallery for simulator exercise, Model Fire Station, MT Section, CSSR, ASAR, USAR props area, Model Room, Laboratory, technical centre with specialized training equipment with simulators, swimming pool, library, Technical and Administrative Building with a strength of 147 fire professionals.


      The training requirements of the Fire Wing personnel are highly specialized in nature. They have to be organized for effective presentation and protection in modern and high fire risk industrial setups.



Sl Year Fire Call attended Saved Property worth Rs.
1 2016 3951 326.80 Crores
2 2017 3339 64.55 Crores
3 2018 3428 766.77 Crores
4 2019 3167 100.07 Crores
5 2020 2662 302.53 Crores
6 2021 3222 69.33 Crores
Total 19769 1630.05 Crores (upto Nov’21)
“Once Burns, Never Returns”.

We are a Force of more than 8,400…. Providing fire safety protection cover to 104 Govt., Public Sector Undertakings, State Govt establishments of the country.

  • Integrated multi-skilled training through CISF Academy NISA, Regional Training Centres and Fire Service Training Institute.
  • Providing Consultancy in Security & Fire Protection
  • First Fire unit inducted at FACT-CD, Cochin in April’1970
  • Separate Fire Service Cadre created in CISF in 1991 for effective Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, Fire Fighting and supervision.
  • Fire Professionals inducted in Public sector Undertakings of Central /State Govt. to provide effective fire protection.
  • Fire service keeps itself abreast of modern developments in the field of fire technology and fire fighting techniques.
  • Suitable steps taken for monitoring various fire safety schemes in the undertakings at regular intervals.
  • Providing Fire-Safety Coverage to 104 different PSU’s with a total strength of 7549.
  • Technically sound fire wing professionals with qualifications in the field of Fire Engineering & Science.
  • Only CAPF to have a specialized Fire Safety Consultancy wing.
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“Fire kills, you can prevent it”.
“Our presence” Petroleum & Natural Gas (Oil Refineries/ Gas Exploration) | Port Trust | Thermal & Hydro Power Plants | Fertilizers and Chemical Industries | Steel & Mines | Heavy Industries | Defense | Science & Technology | Coal| Security Paper Mills/ Currency Printing Press (Finance) | Heritage Monuments/ Museums | Coal |
online interior design Fire Service Training Institute (FSTI) located in Hyderabad is our iconic training institution in one of the most professionally manageged institute in Asia with state of the art facilities, imparting training in fire fighting related disciplines and Disaster management.
Fire & Disaster Management are the most sought academics/profession due to India’s vulnerability to various types of disasters, our knowledge in Fire safety & Disaster Management will be helpful in running various Fire & Disaster Management courses which will in turn help in capacity building of the nation.
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  • Fire Safety in Petrochemical Industries
  • Fire Hazards in Power Plants
  • Fire Safety Chemical and Fertilizer Plant
  • General Fire safety in Industries Course
  • Aviation Fire Protection Course
  • Rope Rescue Course
  • Breathing Apparatus Set Course
  • Fire Drill Instructor Course
  • Vertical Interaction Course
  • Road Traffic Accident and Confined Rescue Course
  • Operation & Maintenance of DCP & Rescue Tender Course
  • Fire safety Audit workshop
  • Fire Safety Consultancy course
  • Pre Dispatch Inspection Course

Infrastructure available for trainees at Fire Service Training institute

Training imparted to out side Organizations i.e. ONGC, Infosys, AP Fire Service, ISRO etc.


Intangible Benefits of CISF Fire wing:
  • Providing holistic Fire & Safety solutions by:-
    • Keeping fixed firefighting installations and first aid firefighting equipment maintained and operational.
    • Keeping itself abreast of modern developments in the field of fire technology, firefighting techniques.
    • Correct assessment of the fire risks/ hazards in process, storage, other infrastructure etc. and take suitable steps for monitoring various fire prevention/protection schemes.
    • Providing fire consultancy,
    • Keepingthe undertaking abreast with latest technologies in the field and impart training meeting the International Standards particularly in the area of industrial fire protection and safety.
    • Investigation of fire and other incidents and suggest preventive measures.
  • Skill honed by long years of experience in diverse industrial sectors
  • Tech savvy Force deployed across the length and breadth of the country
  • Exposure to varied protection environments ranging from highly disturbed areas in North-East to LWE affected areas of the country.
  • Rich experience in Safety and Protection of varied sectors ranging from highly sensitive Oil refining, Thermal – Gas – Hydro Power, Chemical & Fertilizers, Defense, Heavy Industry, Museums to core sector of Economy.
  • Only Force to have a full-fledged Security and Fire Wing comprising of highly trained personnel with specialized skills.
  • Extensive use of Modern fire safety gadgets and cutting edge technologies integrated multi skilled training of personnel.
  • Disciplined force with legal powers.
  • A force widely appreciated for its promptness, courteous behavior and professional approach.
  • Provide value addition to the client organization by virtue of our personnel trained in Disaster management skills and experience.
  • Our consultancy services are certified ISO 9001-2008 in the field of security and Fire protection.
CISF Fire Wing also provides integrated & cost effective solutions in the area of fire safety in terms of risk assessment, inspection and fire audit, Fire consultancy, introducing innovative fire safety technologies and carry out survey & re-survey of various plants.
CISF is also committed to provide quality Consultancy Services and fire safety audits in the fields of Fire Protection through its team of professional and qualified personnel. The focus shall be towards enhancement of customer satisfaction though continual improvement of established management system. CISF offers its clients complete fire prevention & protection solutions, and provide information regarding status of fire protection systems which includes:
  • Main fire hazards & risk analysis
  • Identification of special hazards & threat perceptions
  • Existing fire protection measures & manpower
  • Observations and recommendations of fire protection arrangements based on gap analysis by:-
    • Existing methods, procedures and practices of Fire prevention & Fire protection keeping in view all the statutory/mandatory norms (standards) on the gap analysis with the help of exhaustive checklists and on the spot inspections apart from interactive analysis.
    • Correct assessment of the fire risks/ hazards in process, storage, other infrastructure etc. to take suitable steps for monitoring various fire prevention/protection schemes.
    • Equipment/appliances are suggested based on the requirement and their integration to the extent required is suggested
    • Manpower requirement for fire prevention & protection is estimated and their duties are well defined. This manpower is arrived at based on the principle of optimum mix of men and machine without loosing the sight on financial implications.
    • Deployment of manpower and pattern of deployment along with their duties and responsibilities are worked out. All the existing gadgetry is evaluated and improvements needed along with the new gadgets & their integration are suggested.
    • All the measures required to strengthen the existing system are suggested. It involves not only fire protection measures but also fire prevention of to avoid the chances of fire incident.
    • An internal audit procedure for evaluating the Fire prevention is developed. This includes exhaustive checklists/guidelines based on the norms.
    • Other fire safety aspects, which need to be emphasized, depend on the hazards
    • Risk analysis with relevant standards and recommend the corrective action to be taken in case of non-compliance
“A battle field doesn’t give an opportunity for study, A General does apply what he knows already”

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