What is the Charter of duties of CISF?
  • Security to property &installations
    1. Access control
    2. Perimeter Security
    3. Security to specified vital buildings
    4. Crime prevention and control
    5. Escort of vital consignments
  • Protection to employees

     What is the procedure for induction of CISF?

  • On receipt of request from a client, terms and conditions are sent.
  • Client pays the survey fee.
  • On receipt of Survey fee, a joint security survey of the facility is conducted by CISF and management officials.
  • Based on the joint survey, requirement for manpower, accommodation, transport and other administrative/operational equipment and stores is assessed.
  • Formal requisition is furnished by the management; required numbers of posts are then sanctioned by MHA.
  • Concerned management is then required to
    1. Remit security deposit of 03 months pay per head and
    2. Complete pre-induction facilities (PIF) such as provision of accommodation, communication, transport gadgetry etc.